Should You Recycle Glass Containers? Let The Facts Guide Your Choice

Posted on: 28 July 2015

It can be tempting to just throw everything in your trash can and be done with it. However, if you set up a simple sorting station in your home, you can make a huge impact on the environment. Most people know that it is beneficial to recycle plastic; however, many individuals do not know the benefits of recycling glass. Before you go and throw that glass food container in the trash, think about these three amazing benefits of recycling glass: 

Glass Takes Forever To Break Down

Every time you throw a glass container into the trash instead of into the recycle bin, you are increasing the amount of waste that is going to sit in your local landfill for multiple lifetimes. Your glass bottle may break due to the weight of other waste in a landfill; however, it is unlikely to decompose on its own. Scientists actually don't know how long it takes glass to break down.

Archaeologists have found glass objects that they are able to date back to 2000 B.C. and glass has been found at the site of meteor impacts that are estimated to be millions of years old. The glass you throw into your trash instead of into your recycle bin could literally be sitting around for millions of years.

Glass Is Actually 100% Recyclable 

However, there is good news. Your glass does not have to sit around on the surface of the Earth for millions of years. Glass is one of the only products that is actually 100% recyclable. That means that all of your glass containers can be broke down and reused again and again. As long as your glass makes its way to a recycling center, it can be reused forever instead of wasting away forever in a landfill. 

It Takes Less Energy To Make New Glass From Recycled Glass

Not only is glass 100% recyclable, it actually take less energy for companies to melt down old glass and use it to make new containers than it takes to create new glass from raw materials. It takes about 30% less energy to melt down old glass compared to creating new glass, which means less CO2 is released into the atmosphere. Every glass bottle that is recycled helps reduce your carbon footprint.  

Don't throw that glass salad dressing container in the trash can; in fact, don't throw any glass containers into your trash can. Set up a glass recycling bin in your home for all your old glass containers. Every glass container that you recycle not only can be reused, it can also help reduce your overall carbon footprint. Every glass container you throw in the trash will linger in a landfill for millions of years. If you want to positively impact the environment without putting out that much effort, choose to recycle your glass.