How Light Bulbs Can Keep You Connected

Posted on: 28 January 2015

You pride yourself on being tech savvy. Your smartphone takes pictures, connects you with the Internet and even has an app to unlock the front door. 

However, if you're not taking advantage of all the technology light bulbs have to offer, you're missing out. As someone who likes to stay ahead of the technology curve, you won't want to overlook these multipurpose LED light bulbs any longer. Who knew light bulbs could simplify your life and make you the envy of your friends?

You can expect to pay more for these technology-connected LED bulbs -- in some cases more than $100 per bulb, as of 2015. However, in addition to the cool factor, you won't have to worry about changing the light bulb for several decades versus a couple of times per year for the average incandescent bulb.  

Alarm Clock

You've been abruptly awaken for as long as you can remember by the blaring sound of your alarm clock. It gets your heart racing and sends your blood pressure soaring for a few moments. If you invest in the right light bulb, you can say goodbye to this early-morning punishment.  

There is a light bulb on the market that connects with your wireless router to gain brightness incrementally. Instead of being woken up abruptly, choose to be awaken slowly by a simulated scene that mimics a natural sunset so you feel like you're waking up outdoors.  Control the light bulb with your choice of either an app on your smartphone or a remote control.

Baby Monitor

With a new baby on the way, no doubt you're going to need to invest in a baby monitor. It will help you keep an eye on the baby at night and can help you keep tabs on the nanny while you're at work.

Instead of going the conventional route, why not consider screwing in a bulb with a built-in web camera into the overhead socket? You won't need multiple devices taking up shelf space on your child's changing table, and you're more likely to capture the normal behavior of your caregivers. Web-cam bulbs might also have motion sensors and can double as a security system for your home.

Music Speakers

The next time you're hosting a get together with friends, don't ask your buddy to bring his smartphone speakers along. Instead, invest in light bulbs that double as music speakers around your home. Your guests will enjoy the music even if they've got no idea where the music is originating from, and you can have tunes in every room you desire. Guests won't have to crowd in one room just to join the party. 


As light-bulbs evolve, they are designed with modern-day home decor in mind. Your light bulbs will increasing blend in with your home instead of sticking out like a soar thumb, and you will be a trend setter on your block. Talk to places like Pacific Lamp Wholesale Inc for more information.