4 Tips For Renting A Rolloff Dumpster

Posted on: 13 January 2015

When you are planning a remodeling project at home, demolition is a big part of it. While you might have thought ahead and gotten the tools and equipment you need, have friends to help you out, and know exactly how to tackle the job, what will you do with the leftover materials? All of this waste needs to go somewhere, and you can't just put it in your regular trash can. The best thing to do is dumpster rental, also called a rolloff, which you can fill up with waste then have it hauled away.

Know What to Ask For

Before you start calling around rental companies that provide rolloff dumpsters, you should know exactly how to ask for one. These companies usually deal with professionals who know the proper lingo. When dealing with a homeowner, they can easily get frustrated if you don't know what you want. If you ask them for a rolloff or a container, they will know exactly what you need. Avoid asking for a dumpster unless you call it a rolloff dumpster. You should also be aware of the size before you call them.

Get the Right Size

Speaking of rolloff sizes, there are a few different ones to choose from. While you don't want the largest size container for a small demo job, you should still get one that is larger than what you think you need. Consider the demolition job and how much material is going to be placed in the dumpster. You might have tile, carpeting, drywall, or scrap wood for indoor projects, or concrete and dirt for outdoor projects. This all takes up a lot of space. The smallest container will fit what you tear down in a small bathroom, while the medium sizes are for carpeting and drywall in multiple rooms.

Find Out if You Need a Permit

Since you will be leaving the rolloff container on your street so waste management can pick it up and empty it, you need to make sure this is legal to do. If you have a neighborhood association, make sure you contact them and let them know what you're doing. They might have regulations for using a rolloff dumpster. You may also need a permit if it is going to be placed on the street for more than a day or two, such as if you are doing a major home remodel that will take weeks to complete.

Make Room For Pick-Up

The waste management company that empties the container needs enough room to get in front of it and maneuver it. If you don't leave ample room, they will just leave it where it is and you will have to call them back or wait until next week. To avoid this, set traffic cones around the area so nobody else parks in front of it or near it on trash day.